Basic Search
Basic Search allows you to search across titles, subjects, author names, notes and publisher details (if you wish to search by book number, you must use Advanced Search). Simply enter one or more keywords and select 'Search'. You will receive a list of search results, from which you can select a specific book and view its record. If you do not see the book you are searching for, select the 'Refine Search' link to change your search terms, or you can select the 'New Search' link to begin a brand new search. Each page in the catalogue has a 'Top' link that will take you to the top of the current page. Most pages will also have a 'Home' link that will return you to the search screen.

We have other pages to help you with searching, choosing and requesting books. They are:

Advanced Search Help
How to search by keyword, title, author, subject headings or book number, and narrow your search by subject interest codes, collections, languages, reading level and format.

Search Tips
How to search using Boolean operators, wildcards and phrases.

Search Results Help
How to work with search results.

Record Display Help
Explains what you will find in the Brief and Detailed records of a book.

Item Details Help
Information about the availability of a book.

User Preferences Help
How you can choose to have advanced search features appearing by default.

Requesting Books Help
Explains how you can request books via the catalogue

Instructions for searching the catalogue with JAWS.